1,000 TARGETED Visitors Before You Go to Sleep Tonight!

1,000 TARGETED Visitors Before You Go to Sleep Tonight!

Proven Massive Traffic Techniques

Ever wonder how to go about getting other people to direct traffic to your site, as it would be a tremendous benefit to them in the process?

Chances are it never occurred to you it could work that way, right?

A few months ago the thought occurred to me to host end-of-year Awards for the best “blogs” and “forums” in various niches. Performing an internet search using generic terms for each niche turned up lots of blogs and forums in each category. At this point, I simply contacted a couple dozen of them to let them know they are in the running and to visit our forum to see how the voting is coming along. NOTE: If you are using phpBB as your platform you will want to get your hands on the “Guest Voting” mod from phpBB.com or phpbbhacks.com. The reason for this is because people are not going to go to the trouble of registering a username simply to vote. Of course, this opens it up to the possibility of people gaming the vote process somewhat, but in this case what you will do is state that the last week of voting will be open to registered users only to dissuade would-be cheaters. This is to your benefit, as you are able to get all of their email addresses as well, in order to send mass emails from your forum for future site endeavors…..this is considered “opt-in”, as they did register and expect an occasional email. Remember to go into your admin panel and enable guest voting for the forum category you intend to host the voting in!

This seemed like a fun little project at first, and eventually turned into much more.
The manner in which I had the Voting procedure set up was by linking it to the Poll function on one of my phpBB forums, though you can certainly use any other forum platform with the same success.

I’ll cut to the chase and say that I figuratively “caught lightning in a bottle” with this program.
What I had not anticipated was the rabid tenacity of the “awardees” in getting their blogs the votes required to win. Note that no prizes of any kind were involved. These bloggers simply wanted to be recognized as the being among the best in their field.

In our “Great Outdoors” category for example, there were classrooms in the Yukon Territories following the voting on their class computers.

Message forums far and wide were abuzz with page after page of discussions stating “Vote For My Blog!”…..with a link to the poll hosted on your site.

In essence what I had done was create a means for other people to bring traffic to MY sites, while working to further their own agenda.

I’ll freely admit it was a case of getting lucky on my part (though I’ll publicly chalk it up to “Pure Marketing Genius”), and if you were to dissect all of this and think about the possibilities- you just might find the inspiration to make something similar work for you.


1. Search for blogs and forums for your award subject matter.

2. Set up the forum posts to allow for voting, via the Poll option.

3. Be sure to have a Stat Counter of some kind pasted in your footer, as you will want to know who is linking to the poll, and where. A neat trick here is to visit any forums you find people posting to begging for votes and register a username. Be sure to chime in to update people on the progress, as it moves their post to the top each time and helps them get votes. One important fact to consider- it is not a good idea to urge anyone to vote for any particular potential awardees- you are simply moderating the process.

Social Bookmarking Traffic

So you have started generating traffic to your forum with the method used above, but you would like to top that somehow and start making some real money.

Undoubtedly, you have heard of Digg, Shoutwire, Reddit and Netscape. I’ve done extensive testing with them to compare the traffic based on just about any type of niche you can think of, and came up with the following conclusion:

Time spent trying to reach the Digg Homepage is time better spent on things like mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage. More to the point- your time is better spent creating dynamic ideas that catch the attention of the greatest number of people. The fact of the matter is, Digg and Shoutwire will sniff out spam and bury your links very quickly. The new Digg homepage is focused entirely on Tech related stories now, so you are limited there already. Reddit offers a great means for getting fast traffic, though you will get voted down if your link looks the least bit spammy (use it regardless for the curiosity clicks…the traffic is still worth the effort).

Now for a tip on INSTANT traffic:


The submission queue is followed by paying members, so a catchy subject line will get clicks to your site and show as such in your stats.

This leaves us with Netscape. Far and away, the very best traffic magnet I have found among the social bookmarking sites. NowPublic is also a place to give serious consideration.

I suppose you’d like to know what kind of subject lines are going to get traffic, right?

Forget all the advice you read regarding the use of words like “Top Ten Things….blah blah”. Everybody is doing it, and it is already watered down by blatant spammers, and the regular readers know this. Go to Digg and type into the search box “Top Ten”, and you’ll see just how watered down it truly is.
One Magical Term

What you want to do is go back to your forum or blog for this trick. Same as above, set up a Guest enabled Poll. Think of a subject- any subject. Let’s use Mustang muscle cars as an example here. The key word in our project now is going to be the word “Rate”. As in “Rate the 2007 Mustang”. A photo in your voting post and some specifications are all you need, with the poll set up with each selection a number from 1-10, in that order of course.

Stay tuned to the news pages while working at your computer.

When a big story hits the airwaves, jump at the opportunity to make a posting in your forum or on your blog as it unfolds. If you are susceptible to getting good Google search result listings, you’ll get on the first page rather quickly.

This works well with the term “Rate”, if you think about it.

Take for instance the recent tribulations of one Paris Hilton.

A friend of mine did very well by simply putting up a Poll asking if this celebrity should go to jail or pay for her indiscretions with home confinement, etc.

You get the idea. There is no limit to the number of ideas you can implement with this method.

Where’s The Money?

Certainly you must have a means for monetizing all of the traffic you are about to receive, right?

As this is a forum we are talking about, your everyday regular members are not going to be clicking on those ads very often (though some will), but these new faces will see some interesting links or images and click away- as long as they are related to the content on the page you brought them to.

In our example above we used the Mustang automobile. Go to shopping.com and you will find all kinds of related items, including the vehicles themselves. Use these keywords in your Chitika eMiniMalls code and watch the clicks rack up. AdSense will obviously capture the content and serve up related ads as well. Remember, this is only one example- there are literally thousands of ways to tweak this, limited only by your own imagination.

My Members Hate Ads

Most every forum platform available today has a small bit of code that you can insert before your banners or ad text links so that only non-registered viewers can see them. Go to the support forums and search for or ask the regulars there how to go about this in your system.

What you need to understand is that the new traffic you will be getting is very fast, and very raw. They are not going to register and hang out to shoot the breeze with you and your buddies- so don’t expect them to. Feel free to plaster ads all over the place for these visitors, as you have no reason whatsoever to care what they think about your site. They come, they click and they leave- until the next submission you make at the bookmarking sites.

If you are not currently using the “Inline Banner” mod that inserts a banner ad after the first post in every thread of your forum, be sure to get it and utilize it. Via your admin panel, you can insert the code from a number of different ad providers that will randomly rotate with each page refresh.

Can I Use These Methods On My Blogs?

Absolutely! You are not limited to using any of these methods in just a forum atmosphere. Blog tools include Poll options as well and usually offer some neat variations such as maps to see where the voters are coming from. Yet another thing to keep in mind when targeting your visitors for the proper kind of ad content to throw at them.

Remember to keep us in mind for future “Traffic Growing” eBooks!

We’ve only scratched the surface in getting you started on your way to structured, time proven methods to increase your bottom line.

Thanks for allowing us to share our experiences with you.

See you soon.

Monetization Tools

Usage of the programs on the Growing Traffic Website will allow you to generate income from the targeted traffic that will be visiting your site today. There are many more as well. Just ask and I’ll help steer you to the most successful!

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