How to Get Tech Support for PC Tools

How to Get Tech Support for PC Tools

PC Tools Antivirus is security software for Windows and comes with other utilities such as a Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic, Internet Security and Performance toolkit. The software utilizes heuristics and a multi-threading algorithm which does fairly well at identifying new signatures with its malware search engine. It comes with a zero day identification assurance and is rated well on its firewall proxy, Internet security and anti spamming features. The software is a comprehensive antivirus and anti-spyware package designed to protect Windows against Trojans, bots, keyloggers and other adware effectively and in real time.

Technical help for PC Tools can help users customize the software to block out suspicious or phishing sites, optimize safety ratings in their search results, and pattern their behavior for quicker virus threat resolution. PC Tools Antivirus has built in spider scanning technology and the utility becomes more effective the more it is used. Using PC Tools for internet safety has some additional tools as well. One can customize privacy settings for different users and for children, block out particular sites and ask for updates on email spam and attachments, and run the Registry Mechanic to secure and fix the Windows Registry.

Similar to any other antivirus software, PC Tools Antivirus 2010 has a basic installation process that gets setup automatically with all the default settings. With technical support going remote, most users are getting hired technicians to custom install PC Tools on their systems and configure settings according to user preference. What essentially happens when one goes in for Online technical Assistance is that for a considerably cheaper rate, one can share the system to get programs installed and upgraded remotely. This turns out as effective as calling a technician home to sit on your PC and fix anything there. Except that here, one can get the service sitting at home and at no additional charge.

Not only can users install PC Tools and customize it through technical assistance online, they are also privy to a host of other programs that can improve the performance of their systems considerably. BootSpeed, for example, is one such software that defragments the disk space to free all the empty patches on the hard drive and integrates processes for a better response time on any function. Also available is an array of browser configurations, on demand software and a number of useful applications. Online technical support has its specific appeal in the complete packages that are offered for support and maintenance which can assure users of a hassle free computing experience all round the year. With the online option, the most efficient technical help is simply a helpline call away.

PC Tools internet security 2010 has the much talked about behavioral detection engine ThreatFire, although its speed is slightly less impressive. The upside to it is that it runs searches faster after it has been in use for some time, as it skips and checks to improve speed and performance. The interface is completely usable at its basic, but getting into the advance setting can be cluttered. With technical help, most users get through a fully functional trial before purchasing the complete version. Compared to Norton Internet Security and Kaspersky, the complete suite for PC Tools still works out cheaper and features that highly rated spyware doctor.

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