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Computers 'do not improve' pupil results, says OECD
Investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils' performance, says a global study from the OECD. The think tank says frequent use of computers in schools is more likely to be associated with lower results.
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This school has banned all technology in the classroom—and at home
One MIT professor's research shows technology is impairing kids' ability to hold a conversation and build empathy. A study by the London School of Economics suggests that banning mobile phones at school is worth the equivalent of an extra week of …
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The 'no-tech' school where screens are off limits – even at home
The school is appealing to parents concerned about the impact of screens and new technology on their children who are choosing a new brand of “lo-tech/no-tech” education, which bans computers, the internet, TV and films – both in class and at home.
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