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Raspberry Pi: computing for pocket change
Behind it all is the Raspberry Foundation, a U.K. charity dedicated to computer education and cheap technology. The latest Raspberry Pi, called the Zero, is part of a movement that combines inexpensive hardware, collaboration and open source software …

How GoPro Is Building Its Future Drone Platform Foundations
One of GoPro's latest acquisitions is in Zürich, Switzerland. … This is not only a strategic acquisition for GoPro, but they also take root at the same time with this new team: Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and Institute of Robotics and Intelligent …
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Brooke Point graduate takes nontraditional path after high school
Her presents under the family Christmas tree won't include clothes from the typical strip mall-type stores, or the latest technology. Her parents got her a hammock, and a gift certificate to REI, an outdoor gear store. After her winter break, Carter …

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