Write your passwords down to improve safety

Write your passwords down to improve safety
Or it can be a software failure, whether in apps residing on your computer or cloud services, that allows recovering passwords or trying millions of common ones without being locked out. The risk is rarely someone gaining physical access to your home …
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Must Read: How a 1985 'Computerbabble' Defined Tech Terms Everyone Knows Today
But not all of these changes are recent: The word "e-mail" has been in the Oxford English Dictionary since 1989, and some basic technological jargon began moving toward mainstream English even earlier than that. … Others are more technical. The …
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Here's how to live with a 16GB iPhone
You can always remove photos the old-fashioned way, too, by plugging your phone into a computer and deleting the images you no longer need. If you have an iPhone, … You don't need a dictionary app for looking up words. You don't need a Wikipedia app …
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